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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Slovenia to India

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Dead Body Transport from Slovenia to India

It's hard to accept the loss of a loved one. The pain intensifies even more when a family finds miles away from the deceased person. A funeral direction team curtails this distance by providing professional assistance in safe & quick dead body transportation. 

New Delhi-based Indian funeral company -Last Journey Organization is a well-known & certified team. The promising services of its repatriation team cover all the responsibilities that a family should bear during repatriation. You can hire our team for Dead Body relocation from Slovenia to India.

Immediately after hiring our team, a family can solely rely on us regarding each legal work & safety of the vulnerable remains. Here are the crucial tasks where we guide and assist the bereaved families in safely bringing their beloved ones back home.

  • Death Registration
  • Obtaining clearance from higher authorities
  • Arrangement of documents
  • Embalming services
  • Provision of a sealed coffin box
  • Travel arrangements through ticket booking
  • Updating the family about the legal process

How to hire our repatriation team?

You can simply book the team after -

  • contacting us through the attached phone number.
  • Tell the team about the exact location of the demise or the mortuary house where the remains are kept safely.
  • Know the services included in our package.
  • Finalize the booking.

What are the prime services we provide to the clients in a stepwise manner?

To lessen the chances of obstacles, mistakes, and untimely delays, the highly trained team of Last Journey segregates the whole task into small subtasks.

1. Receiving a Permit from the consulate or embassy -

In the dead body transportation from Slovenia to India, our team first approaches the consulate officials of Slovenia to attain the "exit permit or transit permit" for shifting the remains to their final resting place in India. They grant us a No Objection Certificate (NOC) as well which acts as a clearance while collecting the deceased body from the place of demise.

2. Preparation of the dead body through embalming -

The safety & dignity of the dead body is a prime subject for us while serving our clients. We take help from the funeral homes of Slovenia through contact and arrange the ground services.

We book -

  • An equipped ambulance van
  • A dead body cooling box
  • A sealed coffin box or a casket
  • Embalming services
  • Metal container for keeping the coffin safe


Embalming is an essential service for the safety of the dead body till final delivery in India. The embalming doctors inject the chemical & water mixture into the body and replace the dead body fluid. They also perform the meticulous task of covering the dead body with a chemical substance professionally.

Embalming ensures the long hours safety of the dead body by preventing decomposition and damage. Along with it, embalming maintains the freshness of the skin till the last rites of the remains.

3. Obtaining all the essential documents from Slovenia authorities -

The process of legally air shipping the remains requires the presence of several documents. Here is the list that our team follows while collecting the valid papers.

  • A death certificate from the medical authority of Slovenia (a certified hospital issues it)
  • Postmortem reports if needed by the authorities
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Passport of the deceased person
  • Original IDs of all the members taking part in repatriation
  • Clearance from the local police authority
  • Clearance from the airport authority of Slovenia for airlifting the dead body
  • Details of all the booked tickets (two-way air cargo & flight services)
  • Information of the consignee (name, contact, and address)
  • A letter stating the absence of any communicable disease in the dead body
  • Consent letter from the family

All the documents should be in original and photocopy format.

4. Transportation through two-way air cargo services -

With the help of Last Journey's two-way air cargo service, the family can easily return the belongings and important documents of Slovenia without visiting again. 

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