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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation services from Sri Lanka to India

Accreditation & Affiliation

Dead Body Transportation services from Sri Lanka to India

Sending an Indian citizen back to the homeland after the demise in Sri Lanka involves the higher & local authorities of both countries. None other than an experienced and professional funeral director can manage all the aspects of repatriation simultaneously. 

If you are looking for a team that can assist and accompany you in the dead body transportation from Sri Lanka to India, the leading funeral direction organization of India "Last Journey" can exceed your expectations. 

Our repatriation services offer 360° coverage of all essential tasks that are an integral part of a dead body transition.

The team's proficiency in -:

  • Having the contact details of higher & local authorities of Sri Lanka
  • Knowledge about the legal customs of Sri Lanka
  • Information on all certified local funeral homes, hospitals and embalming centers in Sri Lanka
  • Expertise in providing utmost safety & dignity to the deceased body
  • Less involvement of family members so that they can mourn their loss in peace
  • Coordination with the Sri Lankan airlines for booking tickets for air cargo services

These notable traits of the Last Journey organization help it excel in the field of dead bodies shifting from the place of demise to the final resting place.

What are the prime requirements of a legitimate airlifting of an Indian citizen from Sri Lanka?

It is mandatory to comply with the protocols and guidelines described by Sri Lankan authorities for safe, legal, and dignified transportation. The below-listed documents act as a clearance in the legal shipping of remains.

  • Death Certificate (medical clearance) from a certified hospital
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the police authority of the deceased's residing area
  • Transit Permit from the Sri Lanka consulate
  • Certificate clearing the No no-infection state of the dead body
  • A consent letter signed by the head of the family
  • Embalming reports by the doctors
  • Coffin box certificate by the funeral home
  • Passport and Visa of the deceased for cancellation by Sri Lankan authority
  • Details of the booked tickets for air cargo services
  • Autopsy reports if the death was due to an unnatural cause

Different departments of Sri Lanka authority grant and submit all these above-listed documents. Last Journey is completely aware of the procedure for attaining these papers. Therefore you can rely on the team.


How to prepare the dead body for air shipping?

We as an experienced team understand that human remains are too vulnerable to survive in the normal state. With the help of local funeral direction entities, we arrange -

  • A well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation
  • A slot in the mortuary to prevent decomposition
  • Dead body freezer box for providing favorable temperature
  • A booking for embalming services by a certified team of doctors
  • A coffin box with the best sealing property and metal lining on the corners

Embalming is crucial for the dead bodies and it must be done before a few hours of final shipping. The team shifts the body to the center where doctors coat the skin with a chemical substance and replace the body fluid with a specific mixture. It improves the survival period of the dead body and prevents the skin from any damage & withering.

Arranging the tickets and end-to-end delivery of remains -:

After completing all the legal formalities on behalf of the family of the deceased and getting done with the medical procedure of the dead body, the team contacts the Sri Lanka airline where "two-way air cargo services" are available.

We book tickets and send the body at least 4 hours before the scheduled shipping time. In the case of unaccompanied transportation, team members will travel with it and deliver the cargo to the doorstep of the receiver in India. 

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