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Dead Body Transportation from India to Nepal

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Dead Body Transport Services from India to Nepal

Due to being a neighboring country of India, several citizens of Nepal country visit India frequently. Therefore sudden demise of the citizens of Nepal is also quite obvious.

To ship the deceased body from India to Nepal is comparatively less time taking and expensive due to its proximity to Indian territory.

Last Journey Funeral direction team is the leading group in India known for its reliable services. Its extended range of all final rites services includes Dead Body Transportation from India to Nepal as well.

The compelling causes to choose Last Journey team as your funeral director in repatriation are,

  • Promising services of the team regarding the safety of the body and documentation process
  • Noteworthy experience of the certified team members
  • In-depth knowledge of papers and certificates required for legal air shipping
  • Exceeding the expectations of clients by deporting the body before the predecided time
  • Smooth connectivity with the Indian departments concerned with legal repatriation

How does Last Journey team initiates and finalizes the whole transportation process?

Shifting a dead body or remains from India to Nepal comes with so many legal intricacies and time consumption. To enhance the pace of this process, Last Journey team segregates the entire procedure into subtasks.

These subtasks include the below-listed services.

  1. Informing the embassies of India & Nepal, the local police of India where the person was found dead and the nearby hospital authority.
  2. Creating a portal for updating the family regarding each step taken for safe & legal repatriation
  3. Obtaining all the certificates or documents that play an important role in the transportation
  4. Forwarding the dead body for medical examination and Embalming
  5. Arrangements for domestic transportation, dead body freezer box and mortuary
  6. Supply of a qualitative coffin box with perfect sealing quality
  7. Assisting the family in returning the Indian belongings
  8. Tracking the body after shipping it and informing the family about its status

These all responsibilities are carried out by only highly skilled, certified and experienced team members.

The stepwise structure of Last Journey team in Dead Body transportation from India to Nepal -

Step -1. Collecting the body and obtaining the clearance -

Right after receiving the call or application for the services, the team informs the local mortuary for collecting the dead body in the presence of the local police authority. The police grant NOC for forwarding the body to the medical process.

Step -2. Obtaining the Death Certificate -

The team shifts the body to a certified hospital where a medical officer examines the body and grants a Death Certificate after being assured of natural death. This crucial document includes,

  • Name, age and gender of the deceased person.
  • Cause of the death
  • Day, timing, and date of the demise
  • Sign of senior medical authority
  • The language of the certificate must be understandable by both the countries

Step - 3. Embalming and Coffin Box arrangement -

We approach only the experienced team of embalming doctors. This medical procedure enables the dead body to survive for long hours and prevent it from decomposition. In this complex process, the doctors safely replace the body fluid with some chemicals.

The embalmed body is placed in a wooden coffin box having sealing property. The certificate of embalming and coffin box services ensure the safety of the dead body till the last moment of repatriation.

Step -4. Ticket Booking and air shipping -

At the end of the entire documentation process and body preparation, the team books two-way air cargo services online. The team transfers the body to the Indian airport as well through an ambulance van service.

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