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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to the Netherlands

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Dead Body Transportation from India to the Netherlands

Losing a close one in a foreign country causes too much pain and concern to handle for a bereaved family. For bringing the dead body or the human remains back home, they can perform a self-transportation or hire a funeral director.

Last Journey organization is a New Delhi-based team working relentlessly for the deceased's families. We cater to each requirement linked with the final rites including repatriation.

If you are looking for a professional team for dead body transportation from India to the Netherlands, contact Last Journey group immediately. The team will cover each aspect through reliable services from beginning to end.

What are the arrangements Last Journey team makes for swift & legal transportation?

Last Journey team has gained enough experience in this specific field. Our team members are well versed in -

  • Arranging the essential documents
  • Getting clearance from the hospital, police and higher authorities
  • Embalming services & medical examination
  • Facilities for local transportation of the deceased body
  • Coffin box or a sealed casket arrangement
  • Ticket booking for air cargo services (two-way ticket)
  • Tracking the position of a dead body during shipping through airways

All of the above-listed services help in concluding the repatriation project on time and exceed the expectation of the deceased's family. 

What are the requirements for the dead body transportation from India to the Netherlands?

As it is widely recognized, repatriation is a complex legal procedure and it requires several valid documents, certificates or papers.

Here are the crucial ones without which legal repatriation is impossible.

  • A signed death certificate with all information regarding a departed person
  • No Objection Certificate from local area police
  • Transit Permit by the Indian embassy
  • A certificate stating the no infection state of the dead body
  • Consent letter given by the family members of the departed person
  • Embalming and coffin box certificate provided after the services
  • Passport of the deceased for cancellation

The family member who is participating in the repatriation should show these original documents and submit copies of them to the concerned departments of Indian authorities.

How does our team prepare the dead body for air shipping?

Last Journey team shifts the body to a certified hospital for medical examination. After finding the natural cause of the demise and attaining the death certificate, we forward the remains to an embalming center. Here the team of certified doctors substitutes the body fluid with some specific chemicals and water. It enhances the survival hours of the deceased body and keeps them fresh till the last rites.

Now the team will place the embalmed body in a coffin box that fulfills the criteria of safe international transportation. This perfectly sealed coffin box is ready for shipping.

How does the "two-way" air cargo service help the deceased's family?

The team will book the two-way air cargo tickets and flight tickets on your behalf. The two-way feature of the air cargo service helps the deceased's family in returning the belongings of the Indian authority from the Netherlands without visiting here again.

We also book flight tickets for family members who are willing to accompany the remains during the journey. If nobody is traveling with the cargo carrying your beloved one's body, our team will take the responsibility of companionship throughout the journey.

For a timely and safe receiving of the dead body in the Netherlands, the team will ask you for the name, address and contact details of the receiver present in the Netherlands. 

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