Catholic Funeral Service

A funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it is a lifetime in a day!

When we lose a dear one, we go through an array of emotions, including a pain that cannot be relieved. While grief cannot be taken away from you, one of the most beautiful, healthy, and mannerly ways to move towards acceptance and healing is to conduct a dignified funeral service for the lost one. 

After such a loss, the bereaved family is burdened with the responsibility of arranging for the service. To help relieve you from this and provide you with some measures of solace, the Last Journey offers end-to-end catholic funeral services in Mumbai.

The burial and cremation rites have to be conducted by following the traditions and directives. Relatives need to be informed, arrangements need to be made for the hearse, freezer box, prayer hall booking, coffin box services, photographs, decor, and catering services. You must only rely on professional services who truly care about you and understand the meaning of the funeral to you. 


Last Journey Catholic Funeral services in Mumbai:

  • Reception of the body

    For the prayer vigil or the wake, we make customized and personalized arrangements for everything ranging from transportation, the coffin box, the church/chapel bookings, catering, and more.

    Our services allow the family of the deceased to gather together and spend some peaceful time with the lost one. It is instilled with a calming time of prayers, readings, music, and sharing of memories. The beautiful flower decor for the lost loved one makes it even more enlightening.

  • Burial Service

    We arrange for the burial at the cemetery where the grieving family and the friends gather at graveside together to perform the last rites. The priest announces the verses of the scriptures, and everyone says prayers in the memory of the loved one. The meeting concludes with the mourners saying the Lord’s Prayers followed by the priest delivering blessings. From funeral rituals to prayer meets, you can leave the entire ceremony on us.

  • Funeral Mass

    We make arrangements for the Catholic funeral with or without Mass. A mass usually has a profound impact on the spiritual soul with its calming music, hymns, and prayers.

  • Reception at the Church

    The service will follow a mannerly series of events. Our priest will sprinkle some holy water at the coffin and will then walk ahead into the church. A bible, photo of the deceased, candles, and floral decor are kept near the coffin on a table.


    Loss comes without a warning. We are available 24*7 every day so that the bereaved family does not have to bear the worry alone.