Cremation Services Mumbai

The loss whether expected or unexpected is one of the most difficult and painful times of one’s love. We as humans share beautiful bonds and relationships and the end of one can be heartbreaking. The demise of a loved one comes with a lot of emotional turmoil as well as responsibilities to conduct a dignified funeral service.

While you may deal with the shock, as per many religions, cremation or burial needs to be performed within 24 hours. It is the most crucial and foremost service. You have your last chance to spend time with your loved ones, love them by embellishing them, and honoring the time spent with them.

End-to-end Cremation Services in Mumbai

The last Journey understands the difficulty of the situation and wants to assist you so you can take your time to heal. Our funeral managers will help you in arranging, navigating, bookings, and conducting the cremation service of your beloved. This includes managing all the rituals, providing the antim sanskar samagri and items, and the bookings with the required cremation ground.

Last Journey Cremation Services in Mumbai includes:

  1. Transportation Services via mortuary van/hearse/ambulance
  2. Embalming Services
  3. Freezer Box on hire in Mumbai
  4. Arranging of the pandit/priest
  5. Booking and Coordination with the Cremation Ground
  6. The funeral decor of the ambulance, and the cremation ground
  7. Embellishing your loved one with holy items

We understand that getting a slot in the cremation ground at the last minute can be difficult. We assure you that our team will not only book but arrange for the entire cremation service at your choice of the cremation ground.

Last Journey assists in the following and many other cremation ground in Mumbai-

  1. Daulat Nagar Cremation Ground 
  2. Sagbaug Hindu Samshan Bhumi
  3. Samshan Bhumi
  4. Oshiwara Cremation Ground
  5. JVLR Cremation Ground
  6. Vile Parle Crematorium
  7. Santa Cruz Hindu Crematorium
  8. Kandewadi Cremation Ground
  9. Bhoiwada Hindu Cremation Ground
  10. Reay Road Hindu Crematorium
  11. Banganga Crematorium

A compassionate and dignified cremation ceremony will allow you to bid that last goodbye to your beloved. We respect, honor, and value your beliefs and ensure to move in line with your wishes.

Our team will always be just a call/blink away. With our knowledge, we can help in answering all your ritual/tradition inquiries. Our staff will be present at the service to help you, advise you, and carry out the tasks.

For the cremation ceremony, our services include comprehensive funeral and cremation services in Mumbai. All we want is to bring you a little peace of mind even in difficult times.


Cremation is a process in which the human body is burned to ashes. Some religions, such as Hindus, cremate their loved ones, after which the ashes are immersed in the holy river Ganga.

At a cremation service, the body of the deceased is brought to the ground in a hearse van. The pandit/priest chants some prayers while the cremation process is carried out. After the service, the ashes are collected and kept in an urn by the grieving family.

The difference between cremation and direct cremation is the timeline between the demise and the cremation. In the case of direct cremation, the body of the deceased is not prepared and is taken immediately to the crematorium. Whereas, for the traditional cremation in Mumbai, the body is first prepared for viewing that includes embalming and dressing.