Body Transportation by Air

The team of the Last Journey understands that it is a painful moment to deal with the passing away of our loved ones especially when the occurrence takes place away from the real home. You may be in a different city, state, or even country. It is something for which we are never prepared, and we may not know where to go and who to trust.

The last Journey offers domestic as well as international dead body transportation services by air in Mumbai, which is an assurance that the remains of the loved one can be taken to the home and the funeral services can be conducted mannerly and as per the family rituals. The process can seem overwhelming and challenging as there are many laws to follow and documents to arrange for such services. Last Journey Funeral Services has served 3000+ families and has the knowledge and expertise for the same.

Dead Body Transportation by air in Mumbai inclusions:

We specialize in both international and domestic transportation of the deceased. We will liaise with the arrival state/country for hassle-free transportation.

  1. Checking and booking of the air cargo facility for the transportation of the deceased. When it comes to the transportation of human remains by air there are only some air operators that provide these services. Our team is experienced and will coordinate with the best and cheapest of services to provide a smooth process. The tickets have to be booked as soon as possible for a timely funeral service.
  2. Intermediate mortuary services. Until the availment of the air cargo facilities, you may have to keep the deceased in a mortuary facility to keep it from decomposition. We book for you the safest and most hygienic centre so that you remain stress-free. We offer services of both government and private mortuary facilities.
  3. Embalming the deceased is mandatory when it comes to repatriation services. The body is embalmed to avoid the decomposition of the loved one for a long time. Our team will coordinate with the necessary embalming centres and get the embalming certificates signed by the authorities and doctors.
  4. To transport the deceased by air, they will be sealed and packed safely in a coffin box by professional undertakers. Once the final checking is done, they issue a coffin box certificate for clearances. Last Journey funeral services ensure you of professional coffin box services in Mumbai.
  5. Arranging for Passport Cancellation from Embassy
  6. Getting a NOC from the respective country consulate

Assistance in procuring dead body transportation documents-

  1. Death certificate from hospital authorities stating the cause of demise
  2. Police NOC from the local police station
  3. Embalming and coffin box certificate
  4. Photo ID card (Original Passport / Driving License/ Aadhar Card / Electoral ID Card) issued by the respective Authority.
  5. Details of concerned people taking the delivery.


What is the cost of dead body transport by air?

One of the most important concerns by families includes the cost of dead body transport by air. Note that the charges vary depending on many factors. These include:

  • One of the prime factors in deciding the cost of the transfer of human remains by air is the body weight and the exact coordinates of the landing location airport. As per the case, the charges may vary.
  • Cost of the embalming service and the coffin box service. Depending on the specifications of the services, such as the quality of the coffin box and charges of embalming by the private centre, the cost of transporting the dead body by air will vary. 
  • Mortuary Storage and ambulance cost. Depending on what the mortuary centres charge for storage and transportation, the cost of dead body transportation by air varies. 
  • Air Cargo and air ticket charges. Separate carriers of human remains charge different prices. Depending on the air operator you choose, the cost will vary. In case a person will be accompanying then the cost of the ticket will play a crucial role in deciding the overall price. 
  • Market conditions and government rules. Since the process is quite legal and procedural, the rules and laws for the transportation of dead bodies keep changing. As per changes in taxes, the cost of body transportation by air fluctuates.


Ours is an experienced and professional team. We have helped many families in transporting their loved ones by flight both domestically and internationally. Especially in such times, one gets overwhelmed if everything has to be handled alone. The last Journey assures you that all the legwork is on us so you can spend time with your family.

We want families to mourn in peace. Through our end-to-end funeral services, we assure a hassle-free last journey of your loved one. Instead of running around, you can be there for each other. All our services are customized as per your wants and needs. We are there for you 24*7.



To transport the deceased via air, one may have to book air cargo tickets along with embalming and coffin box services. The documentation and clearance work is quite complex, and hence it is advised to take the services of funeral providers such as Last Journey.

The cost for transporting a dead body in Mumbai depends on many factors, including the air operator services, the distance between the pick and drop location, the weight of the body, and much more. To know more, reach out to our team, and we will solve all your queries.

The cost for flying a dead body in Mumbai depends on many factors, including the air operator services, the distance between the pick and drop location, the weight of the body, and much more. To know more, reach out to our team, and we will solve all your queries.