Asthi Visarjan services in Mumbai

Asthi Visarjan is the ritual of immersing the leftover ashes and bones of your loved ones in holy waters to release their soul from bondage and help the soul achieve liberation. The Asthi Visarjan process is taken place in a certain manner by following certain rituals. The process of Asthi Visarjan is carried out in a prescribed manner to ensure that the deceased member’s soul is at peace. 

The Last Journey team can assist you to carry out the procedure of Asthi Visarjan services in Mumbai by guiding you through the entire process. We provide all the necessary services for Asthi Visarjan such as Pandits, Puja, Samagri and designated holy places to carry out this process.

Places for Asthi Visarjan in Mumbai

  1. Dadar Beach (Dadar region)
  2. Banganga (Malabar Hill)
  3. Powai Lake (Powai Valley)
  4. Juhu Beach
  5. Versova Beach 
  6. Marve Beach (Malad)
  7. Bhayandar Khadi (Mira Bhayandar)
  8. Girgaon Beach (Marine Drive)

The Last Journey Asthi Visarjan services in Mumbai are inclusive of the following:

    • Transportation to the place of Asthi Visarjan

    To offer a helping hand to the families who are going through a loss, Last Journey helps to take care of every aspect of the funeral service process, including Asthi Visarjan. Our assistance includes comfortable transportation for you and your family from Mumbai to your choice of ash immersion location.

    • Puja preparation, Samagri and Cremation Urn

    The Last Journey team will make sure that all the samagri is arranged well in advance so you can have a peaceful ceremony. All our items are of high-quality and packaging. During the Asthi Visarjan Services, the Cremation Urn or Pot will hold the remains of your loved one before the immersion. We provide you with a range of beautiful cremation urns and pots.

    • Experienced Pandit and Dashgatra Vidhi ritual

    The Pandit performs the required havans and pujas for a soulful departure. We provide you with the most knowledgeable Pandit who will share some useful learnings and perform each ceremony as per your caste. Dashgatra Vidhi is usually conducted on the next day of the Asthi Visarjan and is a ritual to pay homage to the ancestors of the lost one.

    • Travel packages for families

    The hassle of travelling and arranging transportation is solved by us as we want to deliver seamless services in the times of grief. The experts from Last Journey team ensure travel arrangements for family members to travel to the place of Asthi Visarjan.

    • Online broadcasting of ceremony via Zoom

    If there is a situation that the family cannot be present during the Asthi Visarjan ceremony, the Last Journey team ensures to perform the service on your behalf and showcase an online broadcast of the ceremony via Zoom.

    • Asthi Visarjan by courier service

    In a situation where the families cannot make it to the Asthi Visarjan ceremony, we will take the responsibility in our hands of performing the service on your behalf and send the Asthiya by courier service. We ensure that all funeral related rituals are done without any hassle.