Pratap Nagar Hindu Cemetry

Located in the Jogeshwari area of Mumbai, Pratap Nagar Hindu Cemetry is a holy sanctum with spirituality and vibrancy in the atmosphere. Considered one of the most sacred places, the Shmashana has seen hundreds of people over the years conducting prayers and rituals for the peace of the lost souls. 

Losing a loved one can be extremely painful. At such times the only thing that we as a family member, friend, or beloved can do for the lost person is to make sure that they get the honourable last rites they deserve. To fulfil this responsibility beautifully, Last Journey, an end-to-end funeral service provider in Mumbai, helps mourning families in conducting pre and post-cremation ceremonies. Their services are inclusive of hearse van, ambulance mortuary in Mumbai, repatriation services, freezer box for the deceased, embalming, cremation/burial booking, antim kriya samagri, coffin, kapda, urns, prayer hall booking, funeral artists, obituary services, catering services, and helpers for on-ground assistance.

How to conduct cremation at the Pratap Nagar Hindu Cemetry?


Step 1) Call 07827777889 to book a slot at the shmashana

Step 2) Book for transportation of the deceased, antim sanskar samagri, wooden logs, and pandit services

Step 3) Upon reaching the ground, you will be guided by the Last Journey team regarding the series of rituals

Step 4) You will be provided with the Asthi’s for ash immersion in an urn

Step 5) For conducting Post Cremation rituals – Funeral prayer meet, Shradha Ceremony, Asthi Visarjan, Poojas and Hawans, book with the Last Journey 



Jogeshwari – Vikroli Link Road, Near Western Expresses Highway, Jogeshwari(East)

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Services at Pratap Nagar Hindu Cemetry by the Last Journey:

  • Wooden Pyre cremation available
  • Provision of Transportation by Mortuary Van/Hearse/Ambulance
  • Provision of Sandalwood Log and Cow Dung Logs
  • At Home Freezer Box Deliveries in Mumbai
  • Preparing of bier for Antim Kriya
  • Quick Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri, including Kurta Pyjama, Sacred Items, and Urn
  • Experienced Pandit Services for Ritual and Further Guidance
  • Bookings of Prayer Hall for Chautha/Tehravin/Shradh/Brahman Bhoj
  • Assistance in ash immersion known as Asthi Visarjan

In the Light of the Ongoing Pandemic, the team of the Last Journey has introduced Online Broadcasting of the rituals and ceremonies. From Distant villages to International Borders, your family can be with you during these hard times. 

Additional Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining Death Certificate
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision
  • Two Staff Members for Constant Help and Support

Prerequisite :

Photo ID of the deceased.