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Losing a loved one is unpredictable and likely to leave an impact on our lives. At such hard times, one can easily get overwhelmed, and performing the last rites of the deceased can seem to be a task. However sad, we know that it is crucial to conduct the funeral rites of our beloved with dignity and grace.

One of the main tasks includes looking and arranging for a cremation ground along with all the antim sanskar samagri. Our team at the Last Journey will help you in coordinating with the right cremation services, and we also offer other funeral services, including Mortuary Van, Freezer Box, Pandit, Obituary, Chautha/Tehravin, Funeral Artist, and Asthi Visarjan.

Cremation Ground, also known as Shamshana, is a place where the bodies of our loved ones are brought to be burnt on a pyre. Here the antim sanskar or the last rites are conducted by priests and the chief mourner. Many religious scriptures have even given special instructions as to the location of the ground.

The traditional funeral took place on a funeral pyre made of wood, but now the cremation grounds in Delhi also provide services of electric and CNG cremation. These options are more economical and eco-friendly. Considering the ongoing pandemic, more people in Delhi are opting for such electric or CNG cremation as it prevents the spread of viruses through bodies.

As per beliefs, the cremation ground is a place where the human body returns to the five elements of the universe, which are air, water, fire, earth, and space. We know that as souls, we cannot carry anything with us on our last journey. Since our entire lives, we give importance to this physical self, and the materialistic things our earthly lives become most significant to us. If one truly realizes the nature of who we are and that there is something beyond our bodies, we will know that death is just one moment.