Catering Services In Delhi

Catering Services For Funeral In Delhi

After the loss of a loved one, our emotions are all over the place. There is so much to organize, ranging from the last rites, funeral, transportation, post-cremation ceremonies, prayer hall booking, catering services, and much more.

Relatives and friends fly in from all around the globe and gather to share the grief, pay condolences, and honour the life of the deceased.

How to Arrange for a comprehensive funeral prayer meet in Delhi NCR?

At Last Journey, we work closely with bereaved families by taking full responsibility for the entire funeral needs. Our prayer meet services cater to all kinds of religious prayer meets and includes a plethora of services from decor, catering, artists, bhajan singers, seating, lighting, catering, and more.

Our culinary affair for your religious events will please your tastes as well as your faiths. Whether it is a Mata Ki Chowki, Chautha function, Satsang or any other religious gathering, the primary thing one needs is food. Last Journey’s catering services aim to resonate with the essence of the various Indian cultures and religious practices. We customize and deliver as per your specifications.

Whether the functions of Chautha, Tehravin, or any other prayer meet, our skilled team will arrange for all the aspects of the catering. We capture the personality of the lost soul and also make the special event memorable not only for you but for all of your guests.

Why choose the Last Journey for Funeral Catering Services?

  • Broad menu with customized dishes and over 1000 options from different cuisine types
  • Vegetarian alternatives as well as pure Satvik meals – options as per traditional values
  • Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Goan Maharashtrian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc
  • Affordable prices and packages as per specific needs
  • Freshly prepared meals and Prashad’s in good hygienic kitchens

Inclusions and Options:

  1. Buffet Setups: This includes equipment and food warmers with live counters where our staff will be present for assistance
  2. Cutlery options: You can choose from disposables, eco-friendly, and glassware options
  3. Live Counters: To offer variety, we keep live counters serving hot foods and snacks, including different types of Prashad
  4. Seating arrangements: Different style seating arrangements for the religious events as per the space and location of the venue.
  5. High-quality: Strict quality control in terms of raw material, processing of food, and preparations of meals

Our team will assume full responsibility for the entire event while you spend time with your family. We believe in healing together!