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Punjabi Bagh Shamshan Ghat is one of the top crematoriums in Delhi with a wide area and several spaces available to conduct final rites. With a display of Lord Shiva at the entrance, the ground is known for the smooth conduction of cremation in an open-air pyre. It is also equipped with CNG cremation for a pollution-free funeral.

The traditional wood pyre and electric cremation services are both available. Punjabi Bagh Cremation Ground is the best and most popular location for end-to-end services. Paying respectable last rites has a certain purity to it. Wood logs, antim sanskar samagri, and pandit services are delivered promptly and courteously. The Shmashana has plenty of waiting areas and facilities. The parking lot also has plenty of space.

Putting all feelings aside, letting go of a person is the finest thing you can do. Make funeral arrangements, follow all rules and regulations, and conduct final ceremonies with care. This may or may not provide you with immediate comfort from your grief and distress. The soul of the deceased, on the other hand, will be laid to rest. The Last Journey offers a wide range of services, including cremation, pujaris, and puja dinners, among others.

All Last Journey aims to do is make things a little easier for you during this time. These funeral customs have a great deal of power and can assist the bereaved in achieving peace and liberty. We will also assist you in obtaining assistance and spending time with your family. We pledge our undivided attention and concern to you. All of our services will be tailored to your specific needs.

This place is symbolic of enlightenment and realization.

What are the Facilities Available at Punjabi Bagh Cremation Ground for the people?

As the family performs the cremation ritual right after a few hours of death in most cases, they find themselves in an anguished state. Only excellent facilities and services can lessen their pain to some extent.

Punjabi bagh Cremation Offers the below-given facilities at the place.

  • Enough space for parking outside the cremation ground so that congestion and rush can not create any hassle for the attendees. There is no parking fee for the family members and close ones who visit here for attending the cremation ritual.
  • The place is well equipped with all the basic amenities like the availability of clean drinking water, neat and clean washrooms and clean surroundings.
  • If there is a delay in the cremation process due to unavoidable reasons, the family members can sit comfortably in the waiting area and wait for their turn.
  • The staff members of the cremation ground assist the leading mourner in performing the dignified cremation of the deceased one.
  • The authority of Punjabi bagh cremation ground also helps the family in receiving the death certificate of the departed person.
  • One can easily access the place for taking part in the cremation ritual of the deceased person without any obstacles.

Process of Booking Cremation at Punjabi Bagh Cremation Ground:

  • Step 1) Call 07827777889 to book a slot at the shmashana
  • Step 2) Book for transportation of the deceased, antim sanskar samagri, wooden logs, and pandit services
  • Step 3) Upon reaching the ground, you will be guided by the Last Journey team regarding the series of rituals
  • Step 4) You will be provided with the Asthi’s for ash immersion in an urn

Last Journey Funeral Services:

  • Wood Pyre and CNG Cremation Available.
  • Provision of Transportation by Mortuary Van/Hearse/Ambulance.
  • At Home Freezer Box Deliveries.
  • Quick Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri, including Kurta Pyjama, Sacred Items, and Urn.
  • Experienced Pandit Services for Ritual and Further Guidance.
  • Provision of Sandalwood Log and Cow Dung Logs.
  • Assistance in Asthi Visarjan to the choice of your pilgrimage
  • Organizes end-to-end Chautha/Uthala/Tehravin Prayer meets

In the Light of the Ongoing Pandemic, the team of the Last Journey has introduced Online Broadcasting of the rituals and ceremonies. From Distant villages to International Borders, your family can be with you during these hard times.

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Help and Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining Death Certificate.
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision.
  • Two Staff Members for Constant Help and Support.

Requirements :

  • Photo ID of the deceased.


Block F, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110026 (Map Location)

Punjabi Bagh Cremation Ground Phone Number – Call-+917827777889