Cremation Services in Gurgaon

We at Last Journey Funeral Services follow the principal values of reducing the burden of bereaved families by providing managerial and emotional support throughout the last journey of the lost soul. Our cremation services in Gurgaon will be personalized and customized to suit the budgets of all. 

As per our observations, a traditional funeral is still a preferred choice. We keep that in mind and offer services of both the conventional and the more modernized and open funerals. Whichever choice suits your wishes and needs will be delivered by us so that your family has the freedom to mourn as well as honor the life of the deceased lost one. Our service will give you the adjustability of choice at an emotional time. Be assured that we are here to help you 24*7! 

Cremation Services in Gurgaon


  1. Day and night services are available
  2. Instant reply for funeral services Gurgaon
  3. Fastest booking for the burial and cremation ground
  4. Timely delivery of freezer box services
  5. Mortuary ambulance and hearse for transportation
  6. Railway transport and air cargo for repatriation services
  7. Antim Kriya Samagri for rituals
  8. Knowledgable Pandits
  9. Last Journey funeral decor services
  • How to book cremation services in Gurgaon?

    Last Journey professionals will guide you through the funeral process and will help you select the correct cremation choice which will make your process stress-free. We offer extensive cremation services, which include transportation of the deceased by road (mortuary ambulance, hearse, railways), transportation of the remains by air, pandit/priest services, freezer box services, embalming services, bookings with cremation ground, embellishing of the loved one, assistance by helpers, and more.

  • Eco-friendly cremation

    No two people are alike, and no two goodbyes should be either. We will help you create a funeral that honors your loved ones uniquely and represents them. For those who are environment-sensitive and want to reduce their carbon footprint, we offer the choice of green funeral services in Gurgaon. 

    The traditional cremation process mostly uses firewood for burning which not only leads to deforestation but also causes pollution. We offer the following alternatives to address the issue:

    • Cow Dung Logs
    • Electrical Cremation


    We believe that the most significant part of the cremation service is the rituals and the traditions. In certain situations, families may wish to conduct the ceremonies in faraway cities. To assist with that, our team offers end-to-end assistance in terms of transit and safe storage. We will guide you through the options and catalog everything as per the services you have chosen. Our team will look after the paperwork as well as the coordination.