Funeral Services in Gurgaon

Loss and grief can completely change you. For the bereaved family, it is mostly their first time arranging for a funeral, we at Last Journey Funeral Services in Gurgaon are here to make sure that the experience is made as untroubled as possible especially when it comes to personalizing the funeral. We believe in introducing you to all the possible funeral and cremation options including the specific details and costing so that you are assured that the arrangements are in the right hands. 

From the first point of contact with the Last Journey services, our team of experts is here to guide and advise you. We offer to ease your responsibilities by managing the entire funeral service so that you are at peace with whichever options you choose for the deceased loved one. We aim to organize a service with the uttermost dignity and respect!

All-inclusive Funeral services for all religions

  1. Transportation of the deceased by road and air
  2. Mortuary Ambulance in Gurgaon, Hearse, and Railways
  3. Air Cargo and Repatriation Services
  4. Burial and Cremation in Gurgaon
  5. Pandit and Priest Arrangements
  6. At Home freezer box and antim sanskar samagri delivery
  7. Organizing prayer meets such as Chautha/Tehravin
  8. Bhajan singers and artists for funerals
  9. Obituary Services in Delhi NCR
  10. Funeral Managers and team for assistance and supervision
  • Pre Cremation Services

    In such sudden situations at odd hours, you may not have the required information or the contacts to arrange for the cremation service of your loved one. To provide you with everything that you need, our pre cremation services in Gurgaon include transportation of the body in a hearse, mortuary van, railway, and air transit (Domestic and international).

    Our services are inclusive of priest arrangements, freezer box services, coordination with the cremation/burial ground, embellishment of the body, obituary printing, and more.

  • Post-Cremation Services

    The ceremonies after the cremation help the soul in its last journey towards peace and enlightenment. The grieving family gets a chance to come together with relatives and recite prayers in their memory. Our post-cremation services in Gurgaon include prayer hall bookings for chautha, Uthala, and tehravin. We will arrange for the entire meet, including bhajan singers, floral decor, seating, catering services, and more. For further preparations, we will assist you in the journey of Asthi Visarjan services. 

    Last Journey special services include a celebration of life events, grief counseling, dog therapy, and eco-friendly cremation.

  • Funeral Pre-planning in Gurgaon

    We all know that demise is something that we will have to encounter whether of our loved ones or ourselves. Planning your funeral is a wise decision to take as it will allow you to have a hold on your end of the life decisions. This is a chance to relieve your family from stress and ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled. 

    Our services include creating a will, making financial decisions, organ donation options, the type of service you want, choices of decor and caskets, and any special messages for your loved ones.