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A peaceful space for remembrance and reflection - Prayer Hall Venues By Last Journey

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A peaceful space for remembrance and reflection - Prayer Hall Venues By Last Journey

Mavalankar Auditorium and Prayer Hall


Constitution club, Rafi Marg, behind RBI, Sansad Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

About venue
The Last Journey's prayer hall venues offer a calm and peaceful environment for remembrance and reflection. We aim to provide a supportive space for honoring and remembering your loved one.
Amenities that we provide at our venue

Seating/Gathering Capacity

400 People



Other (Food, Decoration etc.)

In House

List Of Services In The Cremation Ground
  • Shardhanjali Decoration - We provide a solemn and elegant tribute to your loved ones.
  • Bhajan Artists - Let us add a spiritual touch to your event with our soulful bhajans.
  • Catering Services - Satisfy your guests' taste buds with our delicious and diverse catering options.
  • Valet Parking - Leave the parking to us and partake into the soulful gathering.
  • Tentage - Create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere with our customizable tent options.
  • E-Invites - Save paper and time with our eco-friendly and easy-to-use digital invitation service.
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Several unpleasant feelings encircle you like deep sorrow, pain, sadness,  loneliness, and distress when a loving family member or friend leaves you in this world and set himself or herself on a new journey. The final rituals help the family and friends in coming out of this state of sadness. For performing these last rituals the family requires a place where it can perform the rituals in a dignified manner.  Last journey organization helps the bereaved family in finding such a place. The team members help in booking the place and making all the necessary arrangements there. Mavalankar auditorium and prayer hall is the right place for performing final rituals like teharavin / Chautha / prayer meeting etc. Here,  last journey team provides all the possible services to the family who is mourning over its unbearable loss and the team members lessen the responsibility of the family so that everyone can spend this time with each other and heal themselves.

What are the Main services of Last journey Organization at this place?

You can have a look at the basic services provided by the team of last journey organization at the Mavalankar auditorium and prayer hall.

  • Arranging clean and peaceful space for performing last rites.
  • Framing of the photograph of the deceased person
  • Funeral Catering services
  • Experienced priest or pandit Ji according to the religious beliefs
  • White costumes for the family members
  • Sacred pooja samagri for Hawan etc
  • Arranging food for Brahman bhoj
  • Live broadcast of the ongoing final rites
  • Online prayer meetings for those who can not attend it.
  • Floral decoration at the entrance and main place
  • Serving food and drinks for relatives and friends.

These are the key services of last journey team but we also leave some room for the personalized requirements of the family members. The team tries to fulfill the wishes of family and friends who are connected closely with the departed person. Satisfying grieving people with our best possible services is our priority.

How you can Book the Mavalankar Auditorium and Prayer hall through Last Journey team?

There are a few steps that you can follow for booking the Mavalankar auditorium and prayer hall.

  1. First, you need to call last journey team for booking the auditorium to perform the final rituals of a departed person.
  2. After that, you can tell them about the timing and date on which you want to perform the rites.
  3. You can also discuss your doubts with the team and resolve them with their help.
  4. In the end, you can get assurance from the team regarding your booking.
  5. Do not forget to clarify the cost of booking and services.

How the team of Last Journey offers its services at the Mavalankar Auditorium and Prayer Hall?

The unique way of serving mourning people in their most vulnerable time is the expertise of last journey organization. You can learn about the way of service offered by our team.

  1. Last journey team takes care of the cleanliness of the place where the family of the deceased person is going to perform last rites.
  2. The team provides a facility for framing a picture of the departed person and it also embellishes it with flowers to show respect towards the departed person.
  3. The team provides a wide range of food items to the family for the preparation of Brahman.
  4. Last journey helps arrange professional singers and artists who play serene and religious light music to calm the disturbed soul and mental state of grieving family and friends.
  5. Our team assures the service users to provide clean and hygienic food for the Brahman bhoj and other visitors to the event.

Why the Mavalankar Auditorium and Prayer hall is the right choice for the people who reside in Delhi?

For people who are looking for a place where they can peacefully offer reverence and honor to the departed soul in the form of last rites, the Mavalankar auditorium will be perfect for that purpose. The neat and clean space, calm ambiance and favorable environment make it the right place for letting out grief. This place is widely known by the people hence there is no problem in reaching here. There is a wide space available outside that helps in decreasing congestion and rush on the arrival and departure of the visitors. The promising services of last journey team at the Mavalankar auditorium and prayer hall make it more worthy to choose for such purposes. We as an experienced team understand the graveness of the final rites of a departed soul. Hence we follow the order and wishes of our service users to satisfy them fully. Timely services and the least obstacles while delivering them are our priorities. For resolving queries we are available 24×7.

Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, behind RBI, Sansad Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

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