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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Malaysia to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Malaysia to India

A dignified shifting of mortal remains or deceased bodies from a foreign country to the native land passes through several complex legalities. Along with it, maintaining the dignity of the dead body and preventing it from decomposition is unmanageable by family members in a self-transportation.

Hiring a professional funeral direction team can benefit such disheartened families in their most distressing times. If you are willing to bring your beloved one back from Malaysia to India, Last Journey team can exceed your expectations through its fine professionalism and a gentle touch of sympathy & compassion.

Our dead body transportation services are fully certified by Indian authorities and only skilled & experienced ones take charge of each responsibility in this process.

How do we manage the whole process of repatriation according to the protocols of foreign land?

  • The team has contacts with foreign embassies or consulates that speed up the legal process regarding permission granting.
  • We have performed several transportations globally and gained enough experience hence you can rely on us completely.
  • Contacts with local funeral homes in Malaysia ease the arrangement of all safety services for the dead body.
  • Thorough information regarding legal terms, guidelines and protocols enable us to avoid the mistakes and carry out a quick repatriation.

Steps we follow for safe, quick, legal & dignified transportation -

1. Notifying the authorities for repatriation -

The initial step of shifting the deceased body from Malaysia to its final resting place (India) is providing appropriate information to all the departments that take part in the shipping process.

After notifying them, the team receives clearance to collect the dead body and shift it to a local mortuary in Malaysia.

2. Documentation process -

Several documents and certificates issued by the authorized departments of Malaysia are important for air shipping the body. The list includes -:

  • A clinical death certificate signed by a medical officer after examining the body.
  • Postmortem report in the case of unnatural demise like accident or suicide etc.
  • No objection certificate from the local area police after primary interrogation.
  • Embalming reports or certificates by the doctors
  • A coffin box certificate given by the local funeral home in Malaysia
  • Consent letter signed by the close kin of the departed person
  • Passport of the deceased for cancellation by Malaysian authority
  • ID proof of family and team members who are accompanying the remains in repatriation
  • Transit Permit given by the consulate of the foreign country
  • Certificate of noncontagious illness in the dead body by the Health & Sanitation Department of Malaysia.
  • Clearance from airline authority for final shipping and details of tickets for two-way air cargo services.

All these documents will be checked by the concerned departments in both countries before and after the transition. Hence you must keep at least 10 copies of each document with you for submission.

3. Preparing the deceased body for airlifting -

The human remains can not survive in unfavorable situations like high temperatures due to weather, humidity, and other damage-causing conditions. The team takes the help of a local funeral home and ensures the utmost safety and dignity for the deceased body.

  • Ambulance van for domestic transportation
  • Booking slot for the dead body in the mortuary
  • Provision of cooling cabinets for favorable temperature facility
  • Forwarding the body to the certified Embalming center
  • Coffin box with sealing and metal lining properties
  • AC container for placing the embalmed and sealed body inside it.

4. Online Ticket booking for two-way air cargo & flight services -

In the end, the team books tickets after knowing the schedule determined by credible airlines in Malaysia and shifts the body to the airport for final shipping to India. 

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