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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to the USA

Dead Body Transportation from India to the USA

Sending the human remains or the dead body back to the USA from India is a legal task. Before dispositioning it, the body also passes through several medical and legal procedures. To conclude a safe Dead Body Transportation from India to the USA, the family requires a reliable shipping team.

Widely recognized New Delhi-based funeral direction and dead body shipping team, Last Journey offers such services. The organization includes only highly skilled and certified team members for the legal shipment of the dead body services.

What are the key services included in our Dead Body Transportation from India to the USA?

Last Journey covers each service related to the legal paperwork of repatriation as well as the safety & dignity of the deceased body.

We include the below given professional assistance in our international dead body transportation.

  • Informing the Indian authorities regarding repatriation
  • Sending the body for medical examination
  • Collecting all the legal papers after mindful assessment
  • Arrangements for all the safety measures
  • Booking two-way tickets for air freight services

Shipping the body from India to the USA takes ample time. Our team segregates this complex task into small subtasks for concluding the services on time.

1. Notifying the head authorities -

Right after finishing the short conversation over the phone call regarding repatriation services, the team proceeds forward by informing the higher authorities of India and the USA.

2. Collecting the body & sending it for medical examination -

The team reaches the place where the deceased body is present and collects it with all safety measures and dignity. We book a local ambulance van for domestic transportation and send the body for medical examination. A medical officer checks the body and identifies the cause of death primarily.

After being assured about the natural cause of death, the hospital authority signs the Death Certificate of the deceased person.

3. Sending body for embalming -

As it is explained above, shipping the body from India to the USA takes plenty of time. Hence Embalming becomes mandatory. The team approaches certified doctors for the embalming service. In this process, the body fluid is replaced with chemical substances.

We arrange a qualitative coffin box for keeping the embalmed body safe. Now the sealed body is ready for shipping to its final resting place through the airways.

4. Collecting other legal papers for submission at different departments -

Last Journey team provides detailed information regarding the necessary documents in a listed format. The list includes the below-mentioned papers.

  • No objection certificate (NOC)
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Transit Permit
  • Passport and ID proof of the deceased person

These all documents will be available with the team in original as well as in photocopy formats.

5. Booking air freight tickets for cargo services -

The team ends its professional responsibility with the booking of two-way air cargo tickets. This helps in returning the belongings of Indian authorities from the USA after the completion of repatriation.

The team accompanies the deceased body throughout the journey to ensure the safety and dignity of it. We collect the basic details of the receiver in the USA which include,

  • Name of the receiver
  • Contact details
  • Address where the delivery is expected

Last Journey Dead Body Transportation Services in Multiple Cities:-

San Francisco
San Diego
Oklahoma City
San Jose
New Orleans
New Jersey
Los Angeles


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