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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Netherlands to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Netherlands to India

After the unfortunate and painful demise of an Indian citizen in the Netherlands, the shifting of remains to their final resting place demands in-depth knowledge of the legitimate process. The close kin of the departed person can seek the permission from Indian embassy and perform a self-transportation. 

But for a smooth, quick, and legal repatriation, the deceased's family needs professional guidance from a funeral direction team. Last Journey organization stays at the forefront position when you seek professional assistance on which you can count.

Our dead body shipping services are extended to several foreign countries including the Netherlands. The team will initiate the process immediately after getting the service requirement from the client.

What are the service inclusions in Last Journey Dead Body Transportation assistance?

Our team strives to provide the utmost dignity to the dead body and competent support & guidance to the family. The below-given services ensure an obstacle to free shipping.

  1. Documentation process
  2. Embalming services
  3. Provision of coffin box and casket
  4. Online ticket booking for the air freight services.
  5. Arrangement for domestic transportation of the dead body

What are the requirements for a Dead Body Transportation from the Netherlands to India?

  • Registration of the death by filling out forms at the consulate office in the Netherlands.
  • Keeping the original passport and visa in original and photocopied format.
  • Proof of residence in the Netherlands of the deceased person. It can be a regular bill for electricity, gas and telephone etc.
  • A clinical death certificate issued by the local certified hospital authority
  • Certificate from the funeral undertaker regarding the services taken from them like coffin box, casket and cooling cabinets etc.

Clearances from the higher & local authorities of the Netherlands -

Without legitimate permission, a repatriation procedure can not move forward. The team collects different documents that act as a lawful clearance for further steps.

  • Export transit permit from the embassy of the Netherlands
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) granted by the local police authority where the deceased person was residing.
  • Clearance from the medical authority in the form of a No Infection or Non-Contagioius disease certificate.

These are the prime documents granted by the concerned authorities of the Netherlands government.

What facilities are provided to the dead body during repatriation by the team?

In the parallel manner of completing the documentation process, the team takes care of the dead body of your beloved one. With the help of local funeral homes in the Netherlands, the team arranges the below-given facilities.

  • For domestic transportation in the Netherlands,  an equipped ambulance van will be there for end-to-end service.
  • A dead body freezer box of the required shape and size will also be provided at the home if there is any untimely delay in obtaining NOC and studying the body at the mortuary.
  • The team will forward the dead body for the embalming services. A team of embalming specialists will replace the body fluid with suitable chemicals to increase the survival time of human remains.
  • We will arrange a coffin box with the help of a local funeral undertaker. This box should comply with the described standards and rules of the Netherlands authorities.
  • For more secure shipping the team can shift the coffin box into an air-conditioned steel container.

Now the dead body is completely prepared for the final shipping. Team members will book online tickets for two-way air cargo services (for dead bodies) and flight services (for family members).

If the dead body is shipped unaccompanied, a team member will travel with the cargo and ensure doorstep delivery in India. You need to provide us with the details of the receiver for it.

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