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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Nicaragua To India

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Dead Body Transport from Nicaragua To India

Nothing is more painful than to bid adieu to a deceased one with teary eyes. But being physically distant from the departed person amplifies the pain & distress. A few families prefer to bring the remains through self transportation but hiring a professional funeral direction team offers relief to the aching hearts.

Last Journey is one of the most prominent funeral teams in India. It's dead body shipping assistance is accessible across the globe. You can immediately hire our team for quick, legal, safe and dignified Dead Body Transportation from Nicaragua to India.

Our services comprise the below given professional assistance -

  1. Arrangements for the ground facilities in Nicaragua with the help of local funeral homes
  2. Guiding the family in the documentation process
  3. Provision of the coffin box, dead body container, cooling cabinet, local transportation and other essentials for the dead body
  4. Embalming services
  5. Obtaining a Death Certificate & other crucial documents
  6. Booking of tickets for final delivery to India
  7. Contacting the mortuary, local funeral homes and authorities of Nicaragua
  8. Creating an online portal for updating the family if the team holds a whole and sole authority over the entire repatriation

All the responsibilities will be carried out by the highly skilled, professional and well-trained teammates of Last Journey Funeral direction organization. Apart from these fundamental services, we consider the personalized demands of our clients as well.

What comes in the documentation procedure of a dead body relocation from Nicaragua to India?

1. Attaining clearance from higher authorities of India & Nicaragua -

The very initial step the team takes is notifying the embassies of India and Nicaragua regarding the death of an Indian citizen on the foreign land. After a primary inspection and cross-checking of information they grant -:

  • A no objection certificate (NOC)
  • Export or Transit Permit

These two documents act as primary clearance for the legal dead body shipping.

2. Collecting the most crucial document - Death Certificate

After collecting the dead body from a mortuary or the place of demise, the team shifts it to a certified hospital in Nicaragua. Here the doctors find the cause of death and grant a valid Death Certificate of the departed person.

In the case of an unnatural death, the team shifts the dead body to a postmortem house attached to a certified hospital authority. After the process, the team wi collect Postmortem Reports.

3. Other essential documents -

Last Journey team collects the papers according to a list rounded up for this purpose. It includes -

  • Embalming Reports
  • Coffin Box Certificate
  • Original passport of the departed Indian person
  • Details of the consignee (name, address, contact details)
  • Consent letter by the family of the deceased
  • Airport authority clearance
  • Local area police clearance
  • Details of the booked air cargo and flight tickets
  • IDs of all the members taking part in the repatriation procedure

On behalf of the deceased's family, the team collects all documents from different departments of Nicaragua. We arrange photocopies of original documents also as you will be required to submit them at different authoritative points in India and Nicaragua.

Why embalming is essential for vulnerable dead bodies or mortal remains?

Embalming ensures the safety of the dead body through a complex medical procedure. It slows down the pace of decomposition and prevents any kind of damage.

Utilization of a unique chemical substance in injecting into the body and replacing dead body fluid is simply recognized as Embalming. The embalmed body takes a rest in the coffin and the team seals it properly to prevent the spread of odor.

How do two-way air cargo services simplify the complexities of repatriation?

After the completion of all the formalities, the team books online tickets for cargo shipping and flight tickets for accompanying family members. Such service helps the family in returning necessary stuff to Nicaragua without visiting here again.

If the cargo is shipped unaccompanied, we will deliver it to the doorstep of the receiver in India. 

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